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Optimia Consulting is devoted to helping small and mid-sized educational institutions and organizations in the Greater Raleigh Area.

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Adriana Lee - Consultant

Adriana Lee

Founder and Managing Director

Adriana has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, schools, and non-profits. Adriana’s experience began as a consultant in the information technology industry. She then developed the overall strategy, business, and marketing plans for start-ups and non-profits. She complemented these skills with negotiation experience while working at UBS Wealth Management. More recently, Adriana had the opportunity to teach business classes to middle and high school students. As a former instructor, she understands and relates to the needs of administrators, teachers, and students, and parents. Adriana brings value to her clients by developing highly customized strategies, programs, and resources that optimize the value her clients offer.

Adriana earned an MBA degree from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Delaware. 

Client TestimonialS

"Adriana provided a very thorough approach to curriculum development which was both timely and applicable to the classroom.  Overall the service was both communicative and efficient.  I would recommend for others who are interested in curricular development results"
Dr. Timothy Hall
Director of Operations and Academics, Thales Academy

"A thousand thanks to you Adriana for helping us at Servus Scholarships. Your presentation was excellent, and I am sure many of the students will utilize all the teachings you provided them. Gracias!!!"
Oscar Duque
Co-Founder, SERVUS Scholarships

Why use a consultant?


Hiring a consultant with the expertise you seek allows you to focus on what you do best. In fact, many organizations discover they can save money over time by hiring a consultant as needed rather than hiring full-time employees. In the long-term, the expertise consultants bring justify their fees.


When facing a challenge or taking on a new initiative, an impartial voice is priceless.  Often times those in your organization are too close to an issue and need an outsider’s analysis to fully take advantage of optimal solutions.  A good consultant provides objective results.

Candid Feedback

An organization’s employees are its most valuable asset. Their feedback may be used to retain other employees, improve the organization, and attract more quality employees.  One of the best ways to obtain such valuable feedback is to hire a consultant.  Employees are hesitant to report candid feedback to their superiors and others in their organization for fear of damaging their reputation or of being marginalized.  They are more likely to provide candid feedback to an impartial consultant, who can then summarize the results and provide you with actionable insights.

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