An effective strategy brings value to your faculty and staff, students, and parents while increasing their engagement with your educational institution. Your optimal value proposition is the intersection of this value among all three parties. Partner with Optimia Consulting to develop your optimal value proposition.

Optimia consulting will help you identify your core values and partner with you to develop your vision statement and mission statement.

Vision Statement

Where your institution wants to be, an aspiration of how your offerings will impact your teachers, students, parents, and the community.


What is most important to your institution, what shapes the core behavior of your employees

Mission Statement

A genuine, actionable statement that incorporates your values and encourages employee retention.

How do you anticipate and measure the effectiveness of your current strategy?

Optimia Consulting provides key tools that anticipate and measure your strategy’s success.

We form market research focus groups to:

  • Gauge the reception and suitability of a new program or course offering.
  • Modify a potential new program or course prior to implementation.

Focus groups: a gathering of participants with varied backgrounds and a common interest that discusses a service or product before its introduction into the market.

We design customized online surveys to measure:

  • Employee satisfaction and/or student engagement across all levels in your institution.
  • The strength of parent and business partner relationships.
  • The benefits of your institution’s ties to key community organizations.
  • Process efficiency at all levels of your institution.
  • The resiliency of your institution’s reputation.

Read our case study to discover how we helped a local school achieve measurable, meaningful results.

Prepare students to successfully navigate today’s rapidly changing environment and become productive contributors.

Optimia Consulting offers engaging, innovate programs that enhance the teaching experience for teachers and students.  We develop custom professional development programs and enrichment workshops for your faculty and staff.

We specialize in programs for middle and high school students that prepare students to:

  • Provide business solutions for your educational institution.
  • Develop and practice public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Become financially literate.
  • Navigate the summer internship search process.
  • Participate in various types of interviews.
  • Negotiate when accepting internships/employment, or making large purchases.

Optimia consulting will partner with you to develop highly customized:

  • Content for professional development modules.
  • Business and leadership curricula.
  • Instructor lesson plans that include instructional videos and competency measuring tools.
  • Student materials.
  • Surveys and feedback forms for faculty and staff, students, and parents.

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